Episode 106

The Dragon Aquarius New Moon

In this episode you will discover:

  • How to ground with the stone Hematite
  • How to utilize the Aquarius New Moon for your expansion
  • What to expect in the Year of the Dragon
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Welcome to stars, stones and stories. I am your host Rama and together we are weaving ancient future wisdom as we birth the new earth. If you're into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing, you are home. If you've stumbled upon this podcast and are new to these topics, this is sovereign sanctuary to expand and deepen your wisdom. As a cosmic priestess, I witness many at the threshold of great transformation. I specialize in astrological divination, sacred site activations, and priestess arts for the aquarian age. You may learn more about my work and budding mystery school@earthseedtemplearts.com or follow Earthseed Temple Arts on Instagram. This community is your opportunity to claim your story, your unique identity and power, knowing that you are the hero of your own journey. You are a hologram for for the collective and you matter. The world needs your gifts and creativity now more than ever. Crystallize your medicine.

O great ancient ones.

Great ancestors, we call to you.

May you hear the voices of your descendants traversing through time and space. We humbly ask for your support, your wise medicine ways, and your genius solutions in these times. Dear ancestors, we wish to partner with you, for we know we cannot do this alone. As we traverse the mystery, we ask that you, our starry ancestors, are with.

Us each breath of the way.

May we have clarity of mind and crystalline vision to see through the dark. May we walk our paths of high.

Holy truth, as that is what is.

Needed now more than ever.

And so it is. Welcome to the year of the Yang Wood dragon as we have entered through the gates of the Aquarius new moon. In this episode, we will be exploring.

These themes of the Aquarius new moon.

Ancestral and karmic clearing, thought transformation, the renewal of your sacred visionary powers and.

What this year of the wood dragon.

Is going to mean for you. First of all, I'd like to invite.

You to anchor in this space with.

Me through the powers of great grandmother hematite. Great grandmother Hematite is such a blessing.

She is an ancient lineage stone that sits as the crystalline core of mother Earth. She offers support and stability for all of our lineages. Hematite has this ability to heal every disorder, every addiction, any places or spaces. We were rejected by our mothers. Hematite can come in to heal this, to heal any trauma, to heal any.

Wounds, to feed us from deep within.

To those spaces and places where perhaps.

You were abandoned, rejected, malnourished. Hematite is the original root core resonance.

And the iron rich nature of hematite.

Feeds the blood, particularly the cells of.

The stomach and the spleen, which calm the entire central nervous system.

So hematite reminds you the power of grounding and anchoring.

And why it is so important, because.

When we have that rich blood moving through our bodies, especially in the stomach.

And the spleen, the nervous system can calm. And this is very important for the times that we're living in.

As we enter in deep into the aquarian age, as we continue to transmute.

And transform.

As a collective, we will.

Continue to go through numerous death portals, as we're laying down the foundations for this new earth consciousness.

This is a massive time we are here to be a part of on earth. And as a gentle reminder, your soul.

Has chosen to be here on earth in these times for the expression of your unique medicine.

There's no one on earth that carries.

The signature blueprint that you do.

And each one of us, we have our own unique gifts as we're welcoming.

This year of the dragon.

There is so much inspiration and magic and empowerment and leadership that wants to flow through you and be channeled through you. And our world is rapidly shifting.

We are seeing a lot of chaos.

And confusion in the collective, and that.

Is likely to continue in:

Simultaneously, many people will becoming more and more clear and more and more aligned. So we're going to see these two extremes of the poles strengthen in different ways.

And it is your ability to be.

Grounded that will allow you to feel calm, to feel clear, and to continually.

Come back to your truth and your sovereignty. Hematite instills this knowingness that you deserve.

To live, that you have come here to express that you are worthy, and that you are fundamentally supported by the.

Multiverse, and most importantly, by Mother Earth herself.

And so Hematite offers this unconditional love.

As she resides in the center of the earth. As this crystalline core of iron, her.

Source abilities ground you to your creation point, therefore anchoring you to your ancestors, and allowing you through this creation point, allowing you to connect to the previous generational programs that were taken on, perhaps around addictions or various disorders, relational issues. Hematite allows you to access these programs so that you can heal them with Hematite's unconditional love.

Essentially anywhere that there are hungry ghosts.

Within your lineage, Hematite will feed these.

Hungry ghosts so that there's a feast of love that transforms the old stories.

With calmness and with flexibility and deep soul nourishment.

So let's just take a moment.


Imagine, from the base of the spine.

The palms of the hands, the soles of your feet, cords of red, golden, silver light beginning to drop down, going.

Down through the layers of sediment and.

Soil and connecting deep with great grandmother hematite, feeling that connection to her, breathing this energy up through the physical body and receiving it. And if you're interested in going deeper with great grandmother Hematite in the show.

Notes of this podcast, I'll post a.

Link where you can download an ebook.

That I crafted a number of years.

Ago about great grandmother hematite we have.

Entered through the gates of our second.

New moon of:

February, at:

And Aquarius is this air element, air sign that is carrying these fixed frequencies that are able to be resilient and steadfast.

Aquarius here in the northern hemisphere sustains.

The season of winter as we've opened up into this cross quarter time of Imbol. And Aquarius has this universal, expansive ability to tap into collective reality.

So in this Aquarius new moon, we're working with these polarities between Leo and Aquarius that is so much around personal versus impersonal love, romance versus friendship, passion.

Versus detachment, monarchy and democracy, the king, the queen and the people, the center and circumference, the actor and the audience and the lion and the unicorn. Aquarius as the water bearer is an.

Archetype of one who has the qualities.

Of being egalitarian, eccentric, progressive, the cosmic visionary that is distilling this wisdom from the future.

Aquarius has a need for innovation, for.

Original thought, to create social transformation.

This is the frequency of I am.

Different or I am unique, a sign.

That wishes to reform.

We can think of archetypes like the.

Avant garde rebel, the inventor, the genius, the scientist, the futurist, the humanitarian, the outlaw, the weirdo.

And so the majority of Aquarians are.

Very much concerned with our earth community, our world community, humanity as a whole. However, the shadow frequency of Aquarius can.

Be too rebellious, not conforming when it is needed, being too detached, especially from the heart, being erratic or unpredictable, ungrounded, avoiding commitment and being too heady. And so this glyph of Aquarius is like these waves of electrical energy moving, or the chi or the Prana moving.

And here in the year of:

As I went into depth in the:

Body is through breath and the cultivation.

Of your Chi in this year of.

2024 is going to be really important.

Because as it is a Yang wood dragon year, many people can easily burn themselves out this year. And when we're thinking about the frequency and the flow of chi and Prana.

You want to be sustainable.

Meaning that taking time for integration and rest is very important because that helps to restore and vitalize things.

The chi, Aquarius.

As the reformer heralds in paradigm shifts, this is a time where, as we.

Consider the star card and the tarot, which is very much connected to Aquarius.

You'Re being asked to really lean into.

What is your wish?

What are you calling upon to bring into form in your life? And as this new moon entered, we had mercury and Pluto still hanging out in a conjunction together, still married.

So this is the first new moon we've had since Pluto has shifted into.

Aquarius, where the sun and the moon.

Are in the same sign as Pluto.

This is a opening of a new.

m going all the way back into:

Everything in astrology is really a sensation.

And expression of waves of energy.

The more that you can let go of your linear way of thinking about time and space and step into circular.

Shapes and fashions, the spiral, then you.

Can really start to decipher this timeless language of astrology. Astrology is very much its own unique language.

It is timeless.

It is a language that your soul knows. We all Know astrology.

We often forget, and we're here to.

Remember in these times that we're living in now.

There's so much each one of us is here to reclaim and remember.

And so in contemporary astrology, Aquarius looks to the planet Uranus and at the.

Exact alignment of the new moon.

The sun and the moon were in.

A square with Uranus and Taurus. Uranus is this key to the illumination.

Of your super intuitive abilities, your genius potential. As a higher octave of mercury, Uranus carries these thought packages, these paradigms that awaken freedom and change, revolution, at times rebellion. Uranian energy can be very eccentric, very non traditional, and connects with the electrical.

Impulses that move through your entire nervous system.

As Uranus moves through time and space.

A complete cycle is roughly 84 years.

And so around the age of 42, give or take a couple of years.

Depending on your unique generational imprint. Every human goes through the Uranus opposition.

Which is very much what I like to refer to as this midlife activation. Uranus Shakespeare. You awake to remember.

What your soul.

Has come to experience and offer in this incarnation.

Uranus entered into Taurus in:

We'Ve seen a number of particular earthquakes. We've seen volcanoes, lava erupting the earth.

Shifting in many ways. And that is part of Uranus and.

Taurus, because Uranus brings in these shocking moments that create radical change as Uranus.

And Taurus has just passed the midpoint journey of the cycle.

What you are being inspired to consider with Uranus and Taurus is what is your value system? And as we're collectively co creating this new earth architecture, what are the values.

You desire to bring into the new earth? And this question and knowing your own.

Response to this question is very important work.

This is also very much a part.

Of this two decade journey of Pluto in Aquarius. And if you are a longtime listener.

Of this podcast, Star Stones and stories.

You will know that this is an overarching theme that you have been encouraged.

To consider since episode number one.

Knowing your value system is everything. Because we are in this age where frequency is the key, where your energy is what matters, and placing your sacred time and attention and intention into that which you value is the way you vote for reality. It is your personal power. At times, in collective reality, when people.

Consider how they fit into their various nation, state or government, or the corporate.

Structure, it's very easy to perhaps feel like you don't actually have much power. But that is what particularly large scale corporations want you to feel, is that.

You don't have power. You don't have enough time.

These are lies that are subliminally seated.

In our consciousness through advertising and media.

So that we feel we must hustle here on earth. It is all a false construct to create mass chaos. So our job, your job in these.

Times is to continually ask yourself, what do I value?

How do I live and enact my.

Value system in my day to day reality? This is not a small task. This is a lifelong path.

And so you take the steps forward, bit by bit, step by step. We can't overhaul every aspect of our life in the snap of a finger. That would be too much, too hard, too fast.

Knowing that we're in this year of the dragon, there are going to be moments and times where you really kind of just want to fly and move hard and fast.

However you want to strategize with intelligence how you are going to ride these dragon currents. Uranus and Taurus will help you within your own chart.

ecording this, roughly around:

But you could even take a window of 15 to 23 degrees of Taurus, of Leo, of Scorpio, of Aquarius, because that's where it's going to be really charged. And so as we continue to consider this new moon, we also want to.

Look to Saturn, because Saturn is the.

Traditional ruler of Aquarius. And Saturn is this great teacher of time and space and structures and boundaries and foundations. These foundations are our roots. We cannot have sacred temples like the ones you can walk through of ancient Kemet or ancient Greece.

These temples would not exist without saturnian philosophy and sacred geometry. And Saturn brings us into the bones, into the joints, into the knees, the skin, the hair, the tendons, the ligaments and the spleen. Saturn is ultimately teaching you how to be here now and how to be this bridge so that you can access.

These gifts of the outer planets, which is initiated through Uranus.

So there's the special magic between Saturn.

And Uranus, the roots, the foundations, and.

Then the shifting of paradigms.

And we need both.

. And Chiron, in this year of:

Our collective north node in Aries. So this chirotic theme is really important, especially when we have our eclipses in late March and early April and mid September and early October. There are many themes here to weave on the golden loom of life and of what we could call fate. And this concept of fate or free will is an ancient conversation that philosophers and astrologers and cosmologists have been.


Throughout time and space. And I believe, really, there's both. There's fate and there's free will. And when we truly know the language of astrology, you begin to see the.

Free will you have within that which is fated.

We know Saturn is in Pisces.

ces until roughly February of:

We just know that that is fated.

How you utilize this transit of Saturn.

And Pisces is up to you. That's your free will. So this is why we study astrology. This is why we're curious about astrology.

And so with this new moon, we have the sun and the moon squaring Uranus and Taurus.

So there's a moment here. There's a moment to really test yourself and to feel a little edgy and uncomfortable about what's happening and to also know that as exalted Mars and Capricorn.

Is making a sextile to Neptune and.

Pisces, that whatever you're feeling challenged by.

Or restricted by or anxious around you are being invited to come back to the original dream you've been carrying over.

as even seeded for you around:

These are the big dreams. These are not necessarily the sleeping dreams. These are the visions you've been holding.

In your heart of hearts and to reinvigorate this dream or dreams and begin to take some loving action forward. With this season of in bulk, we.

Here in the north are experiencing the lengthening of our days. Although for many of us it's still cold, we have these buds forming on the trees. There are so many signs that the.

Earth is stirring and nature is expressing this. Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, there is that knowingness, that preparation for the coming fall, that season of Mabone. So it is a time of year where you're asked to open your creative channels and impulses, to continue to vision, to continue to expand your capacity, to celebrate the returning of the light with activities like divination or scrying or candle gazing. However, allow your ideas, allow these seeds.

That are beginning to sprout. Give them space, give them lots of.

Water, allow them to germinate with meditation.

With poetry, with song, with art.

Call upon your guides, your guardians, your ancestors, for support, to really sit with this new moon, with asking yourself, what inspires me?

uture meaning between now and:

What do I want to create around inventive solutions within my own life, my humanitarian attitudes, my connection to friends, to community, to networks, to groups? And as we welcome in this year of the dragon, we consider the chinese cosmology that hosts eleven animals that we.

See here on earth in reality.

And then the dragon, the one mythic, fantastical creature that many say is not real.

However, the question is it?

Is it real or not?

We can find dragons dispersed in various myths and cosmologies all around the world.

Dragons being these guardians, these protectors of mysteries, of treasure, of truth, guardians and protectors of the elements and of the directions. And so there is a great level of inspiration in this year to claim your living mythos, to open the gates of your imagination by connecting with your.

Inner child and with play.

In the:

Transmission of a divination for the year.

And a PDF downloadable guide where you.

Have all the dates, all the key.

Dates, and you can look at the different houses in the chart and work.

With your own chart to see how some of these key transits will affect you.

There's a guided meditation and a breath that I've taught so you can work.

With that breath throughout the whole year.

To increase your prana, to increase your chi.

And one of the things I spoke.

About in this:

This is a mythic mineral year of.

ery important in this year of:

Any of the eclipses. And in many ways this year of.

2024 will feel for many people like.

A continual eclipse in this year of the dragon.

As we've shifted from this period eight.

Into a period nine. It's a 20 year shift through the.

Chinese cosmology that very much aligns with the 20 year shift of Pluto in Aquarius, Pluto representing this higher octave of Mars, Pluto showing us collectively where there.

Needs to be death and decay so.

That there may be rebirth, like the snake shedding its skin, like the phoenix.

Rising from the ashes.

al change within your life in:

We did at the beginning of this.

Episode with great grandmother hematite, will be.

So important and to know that the frequency of the serpent, of the dragon.

Connects to your DNA and that you are here to create with sounds, to create with sacred words.

You are being asked in this year.


Speak to yourself from within.

And this dragon energy, dragons being born perhaps of cloud and water, connect so much to the creation myths and immense power, yet they contain a nebulous meaning.

This word dragon comes from the greek.

Word dracon, connected with Durkhomai to see or sharp sighted. Dracon was used originally of any large serpent. So it is essentially a snake. And the mythos of serpents and dragons.

Are intertwined across cosmologies all over our.

Earth, connecting into this cosmic serpent and dragons connect you with sovereignty, with your truth, with being, living with right action, like these 42 cosmic codes of maat, goddess maat from the egyptian cosmology, this creatrix frequency, the benevolence of human liberty. I ask of you, what are your.

Three most potent dreams for this dragon year?

How will you weave within this dragon year? And I pulled a few cards for you as an oracle spread to conclude this transmission. You are being asked to beam your vibration to continually come back to your frequency and ask yourself, what is my frequency, and how can I attune it? How can I align it?

How may I work with sacred geometry to purify my field? How can you attune to the subtle energies?

Because in this age, with Pluto and Aquarius, every single human is becoming more subtle and sophisticated.

You are a holder of frequency. And what does that mean for you here and now? And how do you want to grow into this wisdom? With a vision of unity. You are being asked to focus on.

Your light, your right to see, your right to dispel illusion, to have clear sight, and to activate your pineal gland.

So that you are able to draw.

Down that cosmic consciousness with clarity. And you're being reminded to stay connected to your innocence, to remove any falsehoods that were implanted, that were coded, perhaps in the womb, in your infancy, in early childhood, through various relationships. How can you continue to strengthen your seership, your ability to see, those with.

The eyes to see and the ears to hear?

How do you become more subtle?

How do you celebrate the wonder of this life, the gift of being here on earth in these times, even when.

They feel tumultuous, even when they feel erratic, how can you claim the gift and know that you're here to enjoy.

And express your unique resonances of energy?

And so with that, I have a.

y and support for the year of:

As a whole, if you want to.

Know more about the astrology and the.

Cosmology of this year, I invite you.

To invest in the:

It's very deep, very profound, and I've.

Received such beautiful feedback from those who.

Have stepped into that portal, and they're really enjoying it. It's something you can go back and you can revisit this content throughout the year. In addition, on Friday the 23rd, in honor of the Virgo full moon, I'll.

emonial journey from eight to:

All Ma magic members will get complimentary access.

And if you're interested in going deeper into these transmissions, I'll be going much deeper into this Aquarius new moon, into this year of the dragon, into talking.

About the astrology of February as a whole in the mama transmission. So if you're looking for ongoing support.

And inspiration and a sacred online community.

That I've crafted through Earthsea temple arts.

Mac is designed to help you transcend the chaos.

And we work with the lunar cycles. We work with the egyptian cosmology. We work with meditation, star and planetary medicine and myth all through the moon cycles. So it's a fabulous space to connect.

With some like minded people.

And finally, I am offering a complimentary online event on Saturday, two weeks from now, on the 24th, in honor of.

The Virgo full moon and this year.

Of the dragon, we're going to explore dragon medicine in depth.

This event is called behold the dragon.

We will open up with some breath, I will expand upon the cosmology and some of the well known myths of dragons, and you will go through an.

Activation, a guided meditation to meet your dragon.

ntary offering from twelve to:

And I picked that time because I.

Felt like regardless of where you are.

In the world, many people will be.

Able to join in.

So if you're interested in any of.

These events or offerings, I suggest you.

Go to the show notes bio.

You can also go to my website.

Earthseedtemplearts.Com and you'll be able to sign.

Up and connect in to the various events there.

If you have any questions, email supports.com.

And we will get back to you.

As soon as possible. So thank you so much for circling.

Up in this way as we are still about six weeks, five weeks from equinox. I just want to encourage you to.

Be very gentle with yourself.

Even though it is a new year through the chinese cosmology and the light.

Is shifting and the frequencies are stirring.

It is important to consolidate and contain your energy. Take everything step by step. Celebrate.

Celebrate your radiance. Celebrate your brilliance.

Celebrate your unique medicine and trust.

Trust in this divine timing. May you be blessed. May this transmission be in service to all beings and the liberation of all beings beyond time and space. May there be peace to the east. May there be peace to the south. May there be peace to the west. May there be peace to the north, and peace deep down into the heart.

Of mother Earth.

Spiraling out into the cosmos.

And threading into your heart. May that sweet peace fill you up from deep within. And so it is. And so it is. So it is. Ashe. Many blessings to you and your lineage.

Thank you so much for sharing sacred space. I invite you to dive into my offerings of alchemical, astrology, mystery school teachings, and global pilgrimages@earthseedtemplearts.com. ensure you are receiving my weekly venetian love notes delivered each Friday to your inbox, and you can sign up for those at Earthsea Temple Arts. You may follow me on YouTube, Earthseedtemple Arts, Instagram earthseedtemple Arts and also.


You will receive regular insights and updates about our current cosmic weather. My prayer is that you fully awaken to the reality that you are a.

Hologram for the collective.

By being fierce in your authentic truth, you have the opportunity to elevate life on this exquisite planet Earth, crystallize your medicine.

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