Episode 54

Midsummer Crystal Empowerment

In this episode you will discover how to make a crystal empowerment elixir for this season of Midsummer that the Northern Hemisphere is welcoming as the Zenith of the Sun arrives. We also explore the Cancer New Moon and culminate with a pyramid meditation to expand your pyramid consciousness.

Time Stamps:

11:18 How to make a crystal empowerment elixir

24:00 Cancer New Moon

30:08 Pyramid Meditation

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Acknowledgements to Dane Rudhyar, Elias Lonsdale, and Marina Costelloe as their wisdom was sourced in reference to the Sabian Symbols, Starsparks, and Crystal Astrology, respectively.

Ra Ma:

In this episode, we explore our entry into summer solstice, the zenith of the light, the zenith of the sun, and we welcome Venus's entry into Gemini, as well as a Cancer New Moon, and how you may utilize this potent time of the zenith of the sun to create your own crystal elixir for empowerment. Let's tune in together.

Ra Ma:

Welcome to stars, stones and stories. I am your host Rama and together we are weaving Ancient Future wisdom as we birth the New Earth. If you're into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing, you are home. If you've stumbled upon this podcast and are new to these topics, this is Sovereign sanctuary to expand and deepen your wisdom. As a cosmic priestess, I witnessed many of the threshold of great transformation. I specialize in astrological divination, sacred site activations and priestess arts for the Aquarian Age. You may learn more about my work and budding Mystery School at Earthseedtemplearts.com Or follow Earthseedtemplearts on Instagram. This community is your opportunity to claim your story, your unique identity and power knowing that you are the hero of your own journey. You are a hologram for the collective and you matter. The world needs your gifts and creativity now more than ever. Crystallize your medicine.

Ra Ma:

Oh great ancient ones, great ancestors, we call to you. May you hear the voices of your descendants traversing through time and space. We humbly ask for your support your wise medicine ways and your genius solutions in these times. Dear ancestors, we wish to partner with you for we know we cannot do this alone. As we traverse the mystery we ask that you, our starry ancestors are with us each breath of the way. May we have clarity of mind and Crystaline vision to see through the dark. May we walk our paths of high holy truth as that is what is needed now more than ever. And so it is.

Ra Ma:

On Monday the 20th of June we come to the last quarter moon phase that began with the Gemini New Moon. On this day the moon shifts into Pisces and this is a time to welcome the darkening realms, to capture seeds for future intentions and to revise your course as needed. Perhaps also taking the time to let go of and dissolve old paradigms. As we arrive at this last quarter moon phase, Mercury has officially cleared the retrograde shadow so we will be completely 100% done with Mercury Retrograde in the following day. For those who reside in the northern hemisphere we welcome in summer solstice Litha, the peak of light. In the southern hemisphere, there's a welcoming of Winter Solstice of Yule, of rebirth and renewal and the zenith of the Sun is a time when simultaneously we are welcoming the peak of the light and also beginning to welcome the darkness. I've cast the chart for 11:14am in Giza Egypt, as I will be in Giza on this day and it feels appropriate because we have the Pyramids in Giza and they are very much temples of the sun. As we welcome summer solstice, the sun comes into cancer at zero degrees. And on this soul Solstice it's very powerful because the sun is in cancer. The moon is in Aries on the world access point. So we have this, this strong charge forward and Mercury is direct in its home sign. We have Venus and Taurus at the 29th degree and her home sign. We have Mars in Aries in his home sign, we have Saturn in Aquarius in one of his home signs and Neptune in Pisces in his home sign as well. So it's interesting because there's a lot of planetary configuration where they're in the place where they've originated, so to speak, these archetypes have originated and the sun and moon are in a last quarter square. So it's like this standoff on some level between our solar and stable selves, with our lunar and ever evolving and ever changing selves. The sun is at its zenith and at this moment, we have a number of activations with Aldebaran, the fixed star, the royal star, including Venus and Uranus and the North Node. And Aldebaran as the watcher of the East is connected to Archangel Michael. And is believed to be a space, a light portal, a stargate to the mysteries of the mind. One that could perhaps open the doorway to the ever expanding mind, an entrance into the Akasha, the Hall of Records. Therefore, this summer solstice is a time of great, great empowerment. And within this podcast I'm going to share with you how you may create your own crystal essence for empowerment. So that you may activate and connect, recalibrate with your Akasha and your living temple of wisdom. So that in this vessel that you're currently residing in, you may really achieve your dreams and your high destiny for this lifetime.

Ra Ma:

As we welcome the solar gate of summer solstice and the sun meets its zenith on the world's access at zero degrees cancer, while the moon has just crossed over the Aries point in its last quarter phase. We are also noticing how this year's eclipses have particularly invoked radical transformation as the North Node dances with Uranus in Taurus all year long into the spring of next year. Seeking to liberate consciousness through any means necessary. 2022 connects to the lovers card in tarot and brings about a theme of Hieros Gamos, encouraging each human to fully connect with their divine feminine and their divine masculine frequencies. They're yin, and they're yang, they're dark and they're light. To be fully embodied is necessary now more than ever, is life only seems to increase in its complexity, as the technological advances place greater oppression or pressures on the human psyche. Therefore it is through practices of embodiment that we humans have an opportunity to gain footing, and a world that experiences extremes on the daily. This crystal essence for empowerment is one opportunity for embodiment, as are many other such as daily walks in nature, praying over your water before you drink it, taking time to clear your frequency every day and recalibrate your body taking time in nature on the daily. These are simple ways that we can be more present in this world, in these realms. Midsummer, also known as summer solstice and the festival of attainment is the celebration of the return of the dark. Annually, this can happen between the 20th to the 23rd of June as we reach the summer quarter point in the northern hemisphere. As the sun shifts into cancer, the fertility of the land is right. As the greens are abundant, the herbs and flowers are plentiful, and this is ultimately a time to enjoy and celebrate. As the midsummer Sun reaches the height of its power, there's an opportunity to welcome the duality of all things. The cosmic Wheel of Time pauses, and then begins again. At the culmination, there's a simultaneous reckoning to honor the returning of the dark cycle of the year. The darkness is our access point to the void, where rich potent soil may fertilize new growth to come as the outer energy begins to wane, and the inner energy begins to expand. Therefore, as summer solstice honors the peak of the sun, this is a favorable time to craft a crystal essence to receive your own personalized codes of empowerment.

Ra Ma:

To make your crystal essence for empowerment, you will first need to find the stone rock or crystal that is calling to be of service alongside and with you, for you in this ritual. So you're going to want to take some time to seek that stone out. And you can begin by asking for permission to collaborate with the stone as your ally. A simple clear quartz crystal could be ideal. However, you may choose to work with a more particular stone for summer solstice, such as Citrine, or Sun Stone, you may choose to work with a simple river stone, any stone will work as long as it feels aligned for you. You will take the stone and place it in the earth by digging a small hole to cover your stone overnight. As you cover the stone with the earth Earth, you may ask Mother Earth to place within your stone, any lost knowledge of your superpower. You will leave the stone overnight.

Ra Ma:

And as you do this, I would also perhaps as you cover the earth, maybe give some offerings for the earth as well. Some honey and milk are always lovely, as are poems, prayers, flowers, tears. The next day, you will uncover your stone and you'll bring it indoors and wash away any dirt and place the stone in a glass of water and cover with a cloth or paper towel. You are now making an elixir and the stone will stay in the glass of eight ounces of water overnight. And you can give thanks to the stone for charging the water with the medicine and the memories that the Earth has passed on. After at least 12 hours in the glass, you can take the stone out and drink the water and then you can cover the stone with water again. It's ideal to repeat this process so that you drink the empowerment essence for at least three days and anywhere up to nine days. As always, your own intuition reigns supreme in this journey. So listen to your own inner guidance and trust that first and foremost. I also encourage you to journal your experiences and note your dreams as you're taking in this essence. The cosmos, Mother Earth and the stone are collaborating in the most magical way possible to remind you of your inherent gifts. If by chance you live in an urban environment and cannot leave your stone in the earth overnight. You can always find soil, preferably live from the land you live upon. And bring this into your apartment in a glass instead of burying directly in the earth. And then you'll just proceed as As described above, one of my mentors Jeffrey Yuen, who is an 88th generation Taoist priest and a Master of Chinese medicine, said that stone elixirs are vibrational, and when you take them in, you're not ingesting actual stones or heavy metals. The stone is offering you its energetic code into the water. Therefore, this elixir will mainly go to the cerebral spinal fluid which is already made up of crystals. Even the brain is an essence a giant crystal, the elixir will activate encode mints in your brain, and new revelations will be turned on. So as I mentioned, if you wish to veer, out of a clear quartz you could consider working with Citrine. And Citrine is a beautiful stone made of quartz like any silica oxide is and has that extra coloring through iron or aluminum. And Citrine really carries the earth element. It is a stone of abundance and joy and power. It helps to strengthen and tonify the body. It helps us to claim our boundaries, and also lifting us up out of lethargy. It can work to heal any kind of thyroid deficiency or adrenal fatigue as well. And Citrine really teaches us that true abundance comes from within and it helps when to nurture their desires to bring joy to the wise child self. Whereas Sunstone is a stone that builds faith and all energies of the sun. It helps to dissolve doubts, and reminds you that you are worthy and you deserve love. Sunstone like Citrine also increases metabolism and the vitality of the body and it draws the energy from the adrenal glands up into the higher glands of the mind. As you use this on midsummer, you can ask to focus on charge with healing and positive intent of all that you wish to be.

Ra Ma:

Midsummer Eve was once known as a traditional time when people would stay up all night to watch the sunrise while celebrating this longest day of the year. And processions with torches and candles lit the way, taking place in a circular fashion to represent the wheel of life. Bonfires of oak wood were lit on hilltops with aromatic herbs, and people leaped the fires to rid themselves of misfortune and to assure the abundance of both love and pleasure. And as we consider the oak tree, this is a tree that connects to this time of year in Celtic mythology. And the oak tree connects to one's inner strength, their endurance, their courage, and is also a doorway. Oak is a doorway to your own inner spirituality, letting you know that you have the power to overcome and survive any situation. Oak leads the way to truth. Oak teaches about the past layers of action and offers a gateway to new understanding, restoring the will and self determination that becomes weakened in times of strengths. This is your opportunity to take your rests beneath the mighty oak and allow the accumulated wisdom and strength to seep into the cells of your being. Oak trees are sacred to the Druids, who would meet and these groves and mark them as sites of importance. We know that oaks can reach great age, often splitting open and providing unusual places to sit and communicate with nature spirits and oak... and also... the beautiful elder flowers are featured this time of the year and outside of my home, the Guardians, the elderberry bushes are blossoming their elder flowers and these are beautiful in tea. You can take a handful of the dried flowers and pour boiling water over them and cover and leave for 10 minutes and then drink this sweetened with honey. This is also... you can make an infusion out of this with the hot water and it's a great skin tonic and lotion for wounds, burns and rashes. Elderflower is very calming before bed or after day of too much solar activity. And it's great to keep dried elderflowers on hand for flus and fevers in the cold months, especially for children. Elderflower is so great to bring in relaxation and to quell the desire for perfection so that you're able to stimulate your own natural powers of regeneration and renewal for your own complete vitality. It is sacred to many Goddesses, mother goddesses in particular. And it is said that if you ever take anything from the elder plant you must always leave an offering as it is believed that many different wise beings live within the elder including fairies and other nature spirits.

Ra Ma:

May you find a way to mark this potent time of mid summer for all of our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere and may the same occur for you all in the southern hemisphere. Celebrating Winter Solstice. Wherever you are, may the fire that you're gazing at, be a spark of inspiration and imagination, so that you may begin to create something new in your life, to bring what is inside of you into the outer world. Perhaps you will gather with friends and precess the land honoring the power of the dragons. You may build a shrine to the sun, or a bonfire with friends and Beloved's allowing the space for spontaneous song, story and dance, perhaps even sacred theater. Whatever you may do, may you welcome the stable solar force that emanates from deep within, simultaneously raising your eyes to the heavens, opening your intuitive side and taking you beyond the material world. The following day Wednesday the 22nd of June, Venus what we love and value shifts from her home sign of Taurus into mutable, mental, intelligent, wise and quirky Gemini. It is a beautiful time. Indeed, as we've got that peak of summer, and now Venus in Gemini. And we also enter within a few days from this Wednesday into the phase of the balsamic Moon, the dark moon around the 26th the 27th of June. This is a time of great distillation so that you may allow the wisdom that you've gained through this whole Gemini New Moon in this Gemini season. You may see what has really fed you and also looking back into the entire Eclipse portal, the Beltane Fairy Eclipse portal. Meanwhile, you're beginning to vision for the future. While considering the evolution thus far. Using this time of transformation for great great magic making. And this brings us to the Cancer New Moon. It is aligned on Tuesday the 28th of June at 10:51pm. That's Eastern Daylight Time. The Moon is at seven degrees 22 arc minutes. Cancer as is the sun and they are conjunct Black Moon Lilith at eight degrees 34 arc minutes on this day, Neptune will also have just shifted retrograde and because it is a Tuesday, it is a time to really hone in on your Mars magic as well.

Ra Ma:

The Sabian symbol for seven degrees 22 arc minutes cancer is a group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade. This is about the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth. What is essential in all first attempts of mastery is to find an exemplar, a master a teacher. The star sparks for this degree of eight cancer is an alchemical text written on parchment. The question is what was overlooked? Now, you are showing the missing link. And now that you are shown it, you will see it everywhere. The question is will you serve it? Will you dedicate yourself to the task that is before you. This is an extra ordinary assignment, you are to step outside the boundaries of the outer mind and this worldview, you are asked to look towards that which mystifies and eludes and may never be reduced to the worlds and concepts of modern times. If you choose to tap into source, you will indeed find the master key. However, you must attune yourself to the greater sources of wisdom.

Ra Ma:

This Cancer New Moon is a time to draw deep into your well of acceptance and compassion, to call for abundant energy in your life. And cancer is a cardinal sign as it initiates the season of summer solstice. It is all about how one feels and how nurtured they are through nourishment, through safety, through protection. Cancer is the archetype of the all engulfing mother, the great mother, the mother that takes care of all and from her breast comes at a terminal celestial nourishment. Therefore, this new moon is a time to sit very deeply with in your own life. To check in, first and foremost with how you're nourishing yourself, how you are taking care of yourself, how you are taking care of your loved ones, children, if you have them, animals, friends, other family members, your community. And to be close to the bones, be close to the soil, be close to the land, and to focus on creating that hearth, that home that feels welcoming, that feels creative. And that is also a place of true sanctity and security for all those who enter your dwelling, whether it is your actual home, or the dwelling of your presence. And so with this, I wish to encourage you to consciously work with this new moon and write your new moon intentions around safety and security and nourishment. And you can pick anywhere between two to 10 intentions, saying I am easily and effortlessly finding myself. And with these cancer, new moon intentions as they are so close to home and hearth and our capacity to nourish ourselves and others. These are intentions that you also wish to take action upon. So and this is true with any time we write intentions, you will write them but also you're going to begin to take micro action steps each and every day, perhaps by tending your garden or going to your local farmers market. Or taking time to slow down in the day and have more rest and self care so that you're not rushing around and you're not wasting your sacred precious Holy time scrolling on a device when that could be time that you're offering to yourself and your beloved ones.

Ra Ma:

May there be peace to the east. May there be peace to the south. May there be peace to the west. May there be peace to the north. May therel be peace deep within the heart of Mother Earth. May this peace radiate out through the cosmos and weave back straight into the portal of your heart. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is. Ashe.

Ra Ma:

I'm going to invite you to prepare for meditation, and so come seated or lie down. And if you're operating heavy machinery or you can't be present now, feel free to pause this recording and check out the timestamp. And they're also in the show notes so you can come back to this whenever it feels most aligned for you. So as you're finding your seat or your center, just bringing the body into deep, deep presence and awareness, making sure all devices are turned off and you're in a space where you cannot be disturbed, you've taken care of all of your biological needs.

Ra Ma:

And allow your body to come into this moment with the breath. Inhaling and exhaling nice, long, deep breaths, allowing yourself to become more present. more aware, just noticing how your body is feeling in this Now moment, and allowing whatever's present to be there allowing it with the breath, and breathe into any tight, heavy hard spaces. breathed the breath into those spaces. Not in a way to force any shift but just to breathe Consciousness Light transformation into those denser spaces. And allow your awareness to come to the base of the spine, the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet. And imagine these grounding cords of silver gold, red light coming out through these spaces, and beginning to drop down down down through the layers of sediment and soil deep into Mother Earth. And any buildings you may be in just the light lines, the cords of light are able to move through the concrete through the structures deep into the earth. Where you come and you ground and you anchor into great grandmother humans heights into this Now moment, finding your center here, grounding and anchoring, all of who you are. All of who you've ever been all who you ever will be. And breathe that grounded recognition, this knowingness, this awareness that you are enough you are full, you have a right to be here on earth now at this time, and that you matter. There is so much love and support available for you in these times. Even when it feels the most isolated and dark. You have support. You have the backing of your ancestors, your guides, your guardians, your star family, your soul tribe. Even when we feel most lonely, we have the support always. And so, in the space of grounding I invite you to draw the support in from deep within Mother Earth back up through the layers of sediment and soil back up for those of you who know of the earth star chakra through your earth star chakra through the soles of your feet grounding and anchoring that energy up into your body. And begin to feel these waves of relaxation as you breathe the longer deeper breaths, more conscious breaths. Feel this wave of relaxation enter in through the soles of the feet up through the ankles swirling around the calves and the shins up through the knees. up into the thighs

Ra Ma:

up through The glutes and into the pelvic bowl swirling around your inner cave of creation. Regardless of gender, this is a space all beings have of creative energy. And this energy swirls up through the spine, up through all of your digestive organs into the lungs up and into your heart and your thymus, up into your thyroid up through the shoulders, and the neck and moving down the arms all the way down through the elbows and the wrists into the hands all the way out to the fingertips. Breathing that energy back up the arms back into the shoulders and the neck and the throat, up into the jaw. Allow your jaw to soften and open and to the teeth. allow the tongue to relax all the way to the roots of the tongue, the upper and the lower palates. Feel this wave of relaxation moving into the back of the head into the ears, deep into the eardrums, into the center of your brain. deep into the space of the pituitary gland and the pineal gland and the hypothalamus. And this wave of relaxation moves up through the cheeks and the nose and the sinuses, deep into the eyes, all the way back into the optic nerves swirling up through the crown of your head. So that every hair on the top of your head and throughout your body just completely relaxes. And your bones and your joints soften these bones that are the medicine of who you are, they carry these crystalline codes of light that are passed down generation to generation just like the blood line through the blood. The vitality of who we are the essence of who we are, we have this ability to read matrix all of these codes of light and life through our very consciousness, our psyche, our thoughts, all of whom and who we are.

Ra Ma:

And so now I invite you to imagine from the crown of your head, this beautiful white light that comes into the shape of a pyramid. And that begins to envelop and enclose your entire physical body, your emotional body, your spiritual body, your mental body, your Ka body, the energy double of who you are. All of your energetic layers are fully encapsulated in this pyramid of white light, and it anchors all the way from the cosmos, from the sun of all suns, the great cosmic central sun of all of creation. And this pyramid of light beams down through your high high high chakras all the way down through the crown, rooting you all the way down into the earth, the base of the pyramid roots down the structure. And you notice, as you watch the light, it begins to shift from white to violet, to golden and it is saturated with this golden essence. And you begin to see this beautiful golden nectar of light pouring from the great cosmic Central Sun all the way down through earth. All the way through this pyramid of light that fully embodies and anchors you.

Ra Ma:

And as it is doing so, you feel the sensation of the super conscious of who you are. You feel the divine showing you everything you need to know. It is encased within the codes of light of this pyramid that are surrounding and protecting all of your bodies. You as a Lightkeeper, as a Wayshower breathe in this multi dimensional awakening through these codes of light. Breathe them into all the cells of your are being so that all the cells of your being take on a holographic mirror of these codes of light. And as your DNA receives these energetic upgrades these imprints, feel how your DNA connects to the DNA of Mother Earth, Terra Gaia, which connects to the DNA of the cosmos. Feel how your Akasha weaves with the Akasha of Mother Earth, and the Akasha of all that is, this great weaving of light begins to move through you in these delicate, elegant codes that bring you even closer to the heart of Mother Earth. And in this beautiful season of honoring the earth, of the celebration of the fertility of all of life, of that weaving of your inner feminine and your inner masculine coming together to co create this inner unification, this inner unity consciousness you breathe this in even deeper so that you have great support and anchoring in these delicate and most potent and powerful times and you allow yourself to continue to breathe long deep breaths in this Now moment and any parts of your physical body that need your focus your attention that need extra healing, allow them to receive that through your breath through your awareness here and now.

Ra Ma:

And you find yourself feeling more and more relaxed and at complete peace in this moment Enjoy, enjoy. Enjoy this truth to be fully present, grounded and relaxed

Ra Ma:

May Isis heal me as she healed her son Horus of all the pains which were brought on him. Thou great Enchantress, heal me, save me from all evil things of darkness from the epidemic, and deadly diseases and infections of all sorts that sprang upon me as thou hast saved and freed Horus. Free me from all possible evil, hurtful things of darkness from epidemic and deadly fevers of all kinds. And so it is.

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