Episode 65

11 Starlines of Miracles 11

Discover the potency of this year's 11:11 portal as we culminate the Samhain Eclipse Portal. This week's astrology has a unique spiritual signature with many Neptune activations. You have the potential to expand into your true limitless resonance.


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Ra Ma:

Welcome to stars, stones and stories. I am your host Rama and together we are reading Ancient Future wisdom as we birth the New Earth. If you're into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing, you are home. If you've stumbled upon this podcast and are new to these topics, this is sovereign sanctuary to expand and deepen your wisdom. As a cosmic priestess, I witness many of the threshold of great transformation. I specialize in astrological divination, sacred site activations and priestess arts for the Aquarian Age. You may learn more about my work and budding Mystery School at Earthseedtemplearts.com Or follow Earthseedtemplearts on Instagram. This community is your opportunity to claim your story, your unique identity and power knowing that you are the hero of your own journey. You are a hologram for the collective and you matter. The world needs your gifts and creativity now more than ever. Crystallize your medicine.

Ra Ma:

Oh great ancient ones, great ancestors, we call to you. May you hear the voices of your descendants traversing through time and space. We humbly ask for your support your wise medicine ways and your genius solutions in these times. Dear ancestors, we wish to partner with you for we know we cannot do this alone. As we traverse the mystery we ask that you, our starry ancestors are with us each breath of the way. May we have clarity of mind and Crystaline vision to see through the dark. May we walk our paths of high holy truth as that is what is needed now more than ever. And so it is.

Ra Ma:

11:11 Star lines of miracles. The 11:11 portal opens the possibility for great phenomena to be experienced. Miracle consciousness abounds. You have the ability to realize your limitless potential. This year 11:11 aligns on Friday, Venus day and astrologically the sun in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. So this is an opportunity for you to really reflect back on where you are feeling most conscious in your life, where you are feeling the urge to transform, to renew, to rejuvenate and the lessons you have experienced within the journey of Saturn in Aquarius that began back in December of 2020 as Saturn shifted into Aquarius, just right before winter solstice in 2020. So I invite you to consider what lessons have you experienced where has that Aquarius part of your chart been lit up. And there's something coming to light with this 11:11 portal ... it is where we are wrapping up the eclipse season the Samhain eclipse season, as we have gone through the dragon's tail with a solar eclipse in Scorpio. And we've come out through the head of the dragon with the North Node conjunct Uranus inTaurus and the sun or the moon actually and that's what brought us into that total lunar eclipse, which many people are still digesting. And what that particular Eclipse washed away is creating space for your boundlessness to come forth as the 11:11 portal opens up. So this is a numerological experience that happens every year on the 11th of november. And there are naysayers out there that will say, Oh, you know, it's just some sort of like New Age made up vibration. And everything in life is about perspective and outlook. And as we consider numbers, numbers are the foundation through time and space. Numbers are very Saturnian. Just as is stone medicine and sacred geometry, they anchor us the ground us to something solid to matter. And 11:11 is a series of 1,1 and 1,1. So we are having the number one amplified, doubled and quadrupled. One represents unity consciousness or oneness. And we are on a journey in life to experience this duality, this polarity planet and to realize in truth, there is no Separation from Source consciousness, we are source we are God, Goddess, and source is everywhere, even in the darkest, most decaying decrepid places on earth. And as we come to lift the veil of illusion to see beyond the Maya, to understand that this sensation of suffering that yes, we all go through on the planet. Absolutely. I have been there many times and as I share this, it is not to, like, downplay anyone's experience on the planet, it is to shatter light into something beyond the moment and the sensation of suffering, to realize that the illusion has the potential to melt away on 11:11 portals, something very profound opens up, it's very subtle. And we could say there are these light codes that we are receiving from our star brethren, from our star brothers and our star sisters. In fact, the Taurus Scorpio access of the Zodiac is very connected to the star system of the Pleiades, the seven sisters, that a number of beings here on Earth, connect with these Pleiadian forces and see them as very beneficial beings that are assisting us in our consciousness evolution here on the planet. So as we consider the number one, as it represents unity and oneness, it also stands for independence, identity, confidence, our ability to tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition, our ability to manifest, to know that our thoughts become reality, our thoughts create things, the more that we devote our sacred attention, which becomes our intention, the more we are co creating our reality. And each one of us, as we're going through this journey, life here on earth in these very sacred, profound times of great transition, we have this ability to harness the different astrological trends, transits, transitions, transformations, and use them to our benefit to expand our consciousness. And so this number one helps us to shape our reality to be more motivated to have a deeper awareness. It has a number of great creativity and math manifestation. And as we bring one into two wands within number 11, it becomes a master frequency, a number of power of bravery, of success, allowing us to be fearless in all of our ventures, a number of liberty, and also 11 connects to a knowledge of how to rule the stars. And I think this is something that's really beautiful and quite poetic. When we think of ruling the stars I would like to almost shift that language into co creating with the stars or harnessing the power of the stars. Knowing that the secret within where each person enters through the sacred portals the lunar vibrations To cosmic frequencies, there is an ability to achieve supernatural intuition to deepen your spiritual connection and to experience rapid manifestation. So an 11:11 portal is a time of rapid growth and change and transformation. And as this 11:11 portal comes on the heels of the sound of Eclipse at a time where we still are in this very liminal state of consciousness of sounding the veil between this world and the other world, the veil that the illusion of separation, the maya of separation from our ancestors from our departed ones, from angels from other avatars from little people, elves, gnomes, leprechauns, whatever beings you like to connect with your guides, your guardians. These beings of the otherworldly realm are very much real, and they are in co- communication/ creation with us at all times. And on an 11:11 portal, we have this opportunity to remember that our access to the ancestral realm, the angelic realm, the star seed realm, is here now and you can literally go outside on 11:11 and sand beneath the starry sky and just imagine the wisdom of all of your star eed brothers and sisters of the starlines, that they are sending out a plethora of miracles, for you to drink in, like this pranic nectar from the other world for you to receive. All you have to do is stand there and breathe deeply and feel yourself connected as a transmitter from the soles of the feet deep into the earth moving the sacred channel of your spinal column, your djed pillar of light connecting the crown to the cosmos.

Ra Ma:

I am in awe of this 11:11 portal and what is to come, you have the ability to receive codes of light consciousness that will assist you in your own personal life and your own personal evolution. And therefore, will be like a domino effect a ripple effect that will elevate all of humanity. These are the ways we can be of the greatest service on Earth and these times is to do with great diligence our own inner work, within our own Inner Temple of Light. Ultimately, this 11:11 portal is a time of great possibility to align with your true nature, to renew your spirit and to purify your psyche. As you connect to your pillar of light, you can imagine yourself resurrecting any parts of yourself from other timelines that carry great wisdom that wish to assist you in this timeline, so that you may continue to evolve with the highest frequency as this is a part of stewarding the New Earth consciousness as this is a part of harnessing your own inner Hieros Gamos, your own sacred marriage this year 2022. The year of the ancestors, the year of the lovers, it is the year of Hieros Gamos. And I've been speaking about this since the beginning of the year. So if this is new to you, if Stars, stones and stories is new to you and you want to know more, I invite you to go back to some of the previous episodes of this year, where I will explain these concepts in greater depth.

inary, to make the impossible:

I am possible. A mindset is a way of thinking and being that is life changing. We are in the midst of Mars Retrograde in Gemini and Mars Retrograde in Gemini is working so diligently with you to help you clear out old subconscious patterns and blocks that are no longer serving you. The entrepreneur embraces the future, literally embraces the unknown, is willing to hit the pedal to the metal to work hard to be curious to continue to educate self, to be respectful, to stay positive and focused on what they are building. To believe your life is sacred is to harness this entrepreneurial spirit. The truth is, in spite of any challenge, there is an ability to rise to the surface to claim your destiny. Although we cannot control the experiences that come to us or the people around us and how they choose to behave, we have the choice to meet, and to respond to any given situation, how we desire. This is our greatest power to rise above the collective mindset and create a new path forward.

inary, to make the impossible:

This Saturday on the 12th of November, Mercury trines Neptune, so also really helping you harness your spiritual potential. We have such a profound week coming on Monday, the 14th of November, the sun trines Neptune, so these Neptunian influences with Neptune in Pisces, they can have our judgment clouded where we're stuck in patterns of neglect or checking out or addiction. However, you can choose to rise above that and harness this mystical potential, with all of these transits to Neptune that are happening over the course of the next five days. So when the sun trines Neptune, there's so much spiritual potential, it's such a beautiful day to meditate. And as the moon is shifting into Leo on that same day, to really do things that nurture and nourish your heart and your inner child, and then on the 15th of November, Venus trines Neptune. And so what we love and what we value, wishes to become more spiritually aligned and connected with Source consciousness. On Wednesday, the 16th of November, as the moon is still in Leo, it shifts into that last quarter phase before we have the moon shifting into Virgo. And so the last quarter moon phase is a beautiful time to reflect back on the beginning of the lunar cycle with the Scorpio Eclipse, and what you have journeyed through what you've experienced, what you've witnessed, what you've learned, and what you want to dissolve and let go of as we're beginning to prepare for that darker phase of the moon. Finally, on that day, we have Venus shifting into the sign of Sagittarius. And then on the next day, Thursday, the 17th of November, Mercury shifts into the sign of Sagittarius. And so Sagittarius as the archer, the seeker, the adventurer, the philosopher, Sagittarius wishes to infuse Venus and Mercury, our love and our values and how we think and how we communicate and how we speak into a realm of greater passion and creative expansion and to really continue to journey with the starlines of miracles.

inary, to make the impossible:

I wish you such an expansive, powerful week of potential as we enter in through this 11:11 portal. And I do believe this frequency is going to infuse itself throughout the entire week. As we continue to ride the dragon through the culmination of the Samhain Eclipse portal.

inary, to make the impossible:

May there be peace to the east, may there be peace to the south, May there be peace to the west, may there be peace to the north. May that peace thread deep into the hearts of Terra Gaia, Mother Earth and out beyond into the vast regions of the cosmos. Threading back into your heart anchoring you grounding you guiding you. And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.

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