Episode 99

Your Fresh Snake Skin

Venus makes her ascent as she stations direct in Leo just after we welcome the month of September. In this episode you will discover the link between this and the archetype of the snake and how you are now bearing fresh snake skin. You will also learn about the Jupiter retrograde and other aspects of the current astrology.

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Ra Ma:

Welcome to stars, stones and stories. I am your host Rama and together we are weaving Ancient Future wisdom as we birth the New Earth. If you're into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing, you are home. If you've stumbled upon this podcast and are new to these topics, this is sovereign sanctuary to expand and deepen your wisdom. As a cosmic priestess, I witness many at the threshold of great transformation. I specialize in astrological divination, sacred site activations and priestess arts for the Aquarian Age. You may learn more about my work and budding Mystery School at Earthseedtemplearts.com Or follow Earthseedtemplearts on Instagram. This community is your opportunity to claim your story, your unique identity and power knowing that you are the hero of your own journey. You are a hologram for the collective and you matter. The world needs your gifts and creativity now more than ever. Crystallize your medicine.

Ra Ma:

Oh great ancient ones, great ancestors we call to you. May you hear the voices of your descendants traversing through time and space. We humbly ask for your support, your wise medicine ways and your genius solutions in these times. Dear ancestors, we wish to partner with you for we know we cannot do this alone. As we traverse the mystery we ask that you, our starry ancestors are with us each breath of the way. May we have clarity of mind and Crystaline vision to see through the dark. May we walk our paths of high holy truth as that is what is needed now more than ever. And so it is.

Ra Ma:

Welcome, beautiful one. welcome back to Stars, stones and stories. We are circling up here in Episode 99. And I'm recording this for you just as the blue Pisces Super moon is waxing into fruition. We will not have another moon like this until 2037. It's a rare event where you have a blue moon, which a Blue Moon is when you have two full moons in one calendar month coinciding with a super moon, which is when the moon is closest to Earth. And it appears approximately 13% larger and 30% brighter than the moon will typically show for us. And so this is a very unique moment because the moon loves to be in Pisces. We think of Pisces as this completion sign of the Zodiacal wheel. Pisces is where we merge with our most mystical infinite capacities. And we come to align with our inner artist so that we may express our creativity to the world at large. And this moon is awakening all of us in the midst of the Venus and the mercury retrograde and as this episode will be delivered on Venus day Friday, the first of September, this Full Moon frequency will still be in effect. So I wish to encourage you to be within the flow, to focus on what is most important because really since this summer solstice we have been going through so many particular layers of depth and transformation. Each one of us you have been hanging on the hook like Inana, as she goes into her great descent, Queen of Heaven and Earth, that ancient legacy of Venus has been retrograde since the 22nd of July.

Ra Ma:

And she is coming to station direct and this is a very profound moment as your fresh snake skin emerges. So Venus will station direct on Sunday, the third of September at 9:21pm Eastern Daylight Time. This direct motion coincides on the fourth of September moon day at 2:21am. That's British Standard Time. As Venus stationed retrograde on Saturday the 22nd of July, she was aligned at 28 degrees 36 arc minutes Leo Venus at 29 degrees a Leo was directly conjunct to Regulus the fixed triple star which is white and Ultra Marine. Within the body of the Lion, within the heart of the lion. Regulus is a royal star very much elevated all the way back to 3000 BCE, a star of the four guardians of Heaven and the water of the North that which marks summer solstice. This is a star associated with glory, with great honor, with wealth, good fortune and power. And so as Venus went retrograde within the lions heart, El-Kab, El Asad, the heart of the Royal lion, she was conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Mercury opposing Saturn retrograde and training the North Node and the south node. And she began her descent, as that Queen of Heaven and Earth, going down into the underworld, going through the seven gates that Inana herself went through and what we know of as the oldest story of woman ever written, and this is something that I came to know in my academic studies at Hampshire College when I was about 20 years old, so many, many, many moons ago. I took this class, it ended up being one of my favorite classes in all of my educational journeys with Bob Mohar, an amazing professor and just writer and he's been such a gift for us.

Ra Ma:

And in this course, we talked about the feminine and where the feminine begins to emerge in history and her story. And we can find the ancient feminine all the way back in Paleolithic and Neolithic times, we see the representation of the feminine. And for me, this is why I'm so passionate about Goddess Consciousness and Goddess culture. And it is a theme, a thread that has run through all of my offerings in the incarnations of my work. Even before Earthseed temple arts. I have been running a business now since 2008. So it's been 15 years. And when I first started sacred work in the way of really following my own unique independent path. I was a birth and postpartum doula. And many of these desires to serve women were inspired through that course first woman and the myth of Inana and at Hampshire, I focused in interdisciplinary studio art, media criticism and the goddess and crafted as my final Division Three project, which is kind of like a senior thesis. It's almost like the...it's similar to like a masters or a PhD dissertation, but a little, a little different, not quite as much work or focus, but very in depth for a bachelor level of education. And this project, this division three project was all about the reemergence of the goddess and this is what I was creating in my early 20s as my first sort of public offering, and here I am a little over 20 years later, still elevating Goddess Consciousness and learning and rediscovering how to weave this consciousness more and more into my work and to inspire you all and so for me in this journey of Venus retrograde. There has been such a deep dive within as she went in retrograde, in the heart of the lion.

Ra Ma:

And Inana had to strip herself at those seven gates and what she stripped away were some of her most holy and sacred amulets, these were tools and gifts that she had to let go of so that she could truly find her power and that her power was nothing external. It all comes from inside, it is resourced from authenticity. And so I really believe that this particular Venus retrograde journey has been an opportunity for each one of us to resource from deep within the cavern of our own hearts, our own truth, our own authenticity.

Ra Ma:

And this is why I've been predominantly pretty quiet on social media and really just kind of pulling back on so many of my offerings in the summer of 2023 retrograde so that I can also do the internal work that I'm encouraging all of you to do. And as we come to the third and the fourth of September, and depending on where you are on planet Earth, Venus, Queen of Heaven and Earth, she stations Direct and she begins her official ascent.

Ra Ma:

And we're truly living a new eight year cycle, particularly over the course of the next 19 months, you have this opportunity to start a new cycle of your own connection to your inner child, your innocence, your identity, Venus, she stations Direct at 12 degrees 12 arc minutes, Leo, and that will be at 9:21pm on Sunday, the third of September. And as she shifts forward, Jupiter is about to spin retrograde, so astrologically there in the square, there's like this conflict moment, this liminal state where your values and your creativity around your identity and self expression of your innermost self, this pure and a sense of your child like capacity that we all carry, versus how you connect to nature to the earth, to the elements to your spiritual expansion and higher knowledge.

Ra Ma:

And so I invite you at this hurdle of transition to think back to your wild, pure, innocent self. And quite often, this is when we feel most carefree and you're gonna think back to this, that being is who you wish to call upon now and bolster her or him with your high intelligence and all of the heavy lifting you have done thus far within your lifetime. The ancestral healing that you have committed to you, your pure heart of gold connect in with that frequency as something beautiful is wishing to emerge and let this ferment like fine dandelion wine, and be here in this moment right now . Trust the process.

Ra Ma:

There is much more that wishes to evolve and Venus will not clear the retrograde shadow until the seventh of October and a few days later, she shifts into the sign of virgo. So between now and then there really is this fresh snake skin that has emerged from all that you have shed all that you have sloughed off. This snake goddess is a version of the primordial Goddess that can be found amongst cultures throughout Earth, including Ancient Egypt and India. And it was in that class, a first woman that I met the Paleolithic goddesses. And the snake and the bird are the original feminine essence. The snake and the spiral are seen as one and quite often you will find them coinciding together through ancient art snakes conjure up vitality rejuvenation. This mastery of the Kundalini frequency, your energy bodies and how you can rise the energy up from the earth through your body temple through the spinal column all the way out through the crown of the head and connect with the cosmos above. The ability to face death and walk through the fire into, through rebirth is very much connected with this archetype of the snake.

Ra Ma:

The snake goddess is a mistress of sacred waters, holy waters, much like the dragon frequency, the snake goddess rules over life giving waters and moves through a meander of etheric labyrinths. This is about awakening to the medicine that lives within your bones. We carry the stars within our bones, we are the cosmos. We are the earth. And we are the ways that these two merge within us. We represent that through our unique identities. And so with this Venus stationing direct this is a moment of rebirth, of resurrection and initiation through the wisdom you have activated in this journey and snakeskin when it is fresh, it is tender, it is so beautiful and it glows.

Ra Ma:

And I can say that I've witnessed this firsthand as my daughter and I we are now stewards. We are the guardian of our beautiful snake that came into our lives in late May of this year. And his name is Heka, which is in simplified terms the Egyptian word for magic. And the way Heka has come into our lives and all that he has already offered us is such a journey into magic and how to work with magic consciously. And he had a shed when we were in Egypt this past June and he was in care with one of our friends. And so we didn't get to witness his shed until through this Venus retrograde and I really thought he was due for the shed come about the third week of July and it just seemed like he was going to shed but he really took his sweet time with this. And it literally wasn't until the moment that Venus conjunct the Sun in her retrograde moment and she started this whole new eight year cycle. That was when he shed his skin. And it was so profound to watch the whole process. I mean, I could offer you an entire podcast just on that. However, in summation, what I would say is that witnessing him slough off this old skin and then birth himself a new and how his innocence really does shine through now that he has removed this old skin and there's this glow that radiates from within him through the skin. And when I touch his fresh skin, it feels so pure, but there's this sweet tenderness to it. And that is where each one of us is in this Now moment as Venus is about to station direct.

Ra Ma:

On Monday, the fourth of September Jupiter will station retrograde at 10:11am Eastern Daylight Time at 15 degrees 34 arc minutes. Taurus and Jupiter will be retrograde roughly until the end of 2023. This is a profound moment for you to dive deep within yourself to offer a spiritual inquiry to ask "what path Am I following? And is it fulfilling? What is my relationship with the earth and am I regularly nurturing myself through the wisdom of the elements?"

Ra Ma:

As we come to Wednesday the fifth of September we arrive at the last quarter moon phase at 14 degrees for arc minutes Gemini, the moon and the Mercurial sign with Mercury Retrograde, the square between the moon and Mercury is offering you to take the insights from Venus shifting direct and Jupiter stationing retrograde. And in the midst of the Mercury Retrograde to say are my thoughts...are the words I use in alignment with this life I wish to live. Because quite often there's an opportunity to be more mindful in speech, thought, action, word. Your Word is one of your greatest gifts you can offer. It is an expression of your unique identity. It is an expression of your power. It is an expression of your courageous creativity. There is no one on this earth that has the frequency that you carry. Only you can offer your word to our human family to our Earth collective. And so the word is so powerful and it is A time to consider the medicine of your word and how you utilize this power.

Ra Ma:

And so with that, I wish to let you all know that I have decided to continue to craft these episodes of StarS, stones and stories every other Venus day. And I look forward to circling with you again through starS, stones and stories as we prepare for the Virgo New Moon to plant our seeds in the most visionary capacity to nourish our connection to the earth.

Ra Ma:

Until then, you may find more in depth astrological support through Ma Magick, an inner circle where you will discover the magic medicine and myth of the moon cycles through Goddess Consciousness.

Ra Ma:

If you live local to Asheville or you will be passing through on Wednesday the 13th of September, we will circle up in my temple home for the Virgo Dark Moon women's wisdom Council.

Ra Ma:

I also wish for you to know that I'm available for one on one astrological divination sessions. This is a prime time to check in on your natal chart with the current astrology and we can also take a deeper dive into your progress chart synastry your relationships, your soul's purpose, and your entrepreneurial aspirations. I can weave in Tarot if you like to work with those archetypal realms as I do.

Ra Ma:

And finally, I just wish to say come say hello to me at the pyramid conference. I hope you will join us. It is around Fall Equinox. Discover more about that in the show notes. It's just north of Chicago at the pyramid house. It's going to be an amazing gathering. And I'm going to be talking about pyramids as portals for time bending. We are an intergalactic family, we are representatives of a multitude of starseed nations. We are made of stardust, you are made of stardust. And that is a fact. And you are here to embody life in the flesh to enjoy this experience of cosmic evolution. And I'm so grateful that you've come to circle in this sacred space.

Ra Ma:

And we give our gratitude to the east, the South, the west and the north, deep into the heart of Mother Earth, spiraling out into the cosmos to all of our starry homes. We give our gratitude to live in these wild times to be embodied. May you and your lineage be blessed. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is. Ase.

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